This Boston Globe article highlights a groundbreaking ad for Gillette featuring a young transgender guy’s first shave. Why is the ad so great? Read to the end for my quote : )

Boston Children’s Hospital’s website featured a shout out and excerpt from the talk I gave during patient experience week about growing up transgender. Check it out here

Why do I think Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is the best health care provider for transgender individuals? watch this video featured on their website and find out.

Check out The Washington Post’s thought-provoking piece on what it’s like being a man, featuring 4 unique perspectives from guys who’ve transitioned. I’m number three.

Thanks so much Chelsea Handler for the Instagram shout out about how much you loved BALLS to your 3.3 million followers! Already over 18,000 likes!

If you missed my SRO talk at the Wayland Public Library, you can watch the Waycam broadcast here or check your local listings to watch it on TV. Go Warriors!

Check out the quick interview I did with The Janice & Cory Show on Roundhouse Radio Vancouver. We talk about BALLS and why I chose to go against the LGBT “party line” and share surgery details in the book.

The Wayland Patch (Go Warriors!) posted a short article on me and my book to promote my upcoming talk at the Wayland Public Library Sunday, November 5th at 3pm.

I’m honored that Google featured the rebranding talk I gave on their Talks at Google Youtube channel and included a link to purchase the ebook version of BALLS on Google Play.

In honor of Pride Month and my parents’ 52nd anniversary, I wrote an essay about Mom & Dad’s incredible support and involvement throughout my transition. It’s titled That time I Went Penis Shopping With My Parents and it’s published on’s health vertical, Tonic. Enjoy!

Despite me dropping the a-bomb on his radio show with Margery Egan, Jim Braude had me back as a guest on his PBS show “Greater Boston.” In this 7-minute TV interview we discuss advertising and my memoir BALLS. There are lots of photos of family, friends and coworkers. Also bit of trivia…the rapper in the McNuggets TV spot is the star of HBO’s hit series “Silicon Valley.”

Does your style match your soul? That’s the question I answer in this O Magazine piece where I discuss the important role clothes played in my transition. See it as printed.

Apparently word of BALLS has hit the west coast press! Check out the Bay Area Reporter’s review of my memoir in their late-February edition.

Tonic, a hot new health site launched by featured an excerpt from BALLS. Read about the physical and emotional effects of testosterone and the confidence a mastectomy can give a guy.

On November 29th I did my first live TV interview on NECN’s The Take with Sue O’Connell. We talk about my transition, my advertising career and of course, my book. Watch the 6-minute clip.

The Boston Globe featured an essay I wrote as an adaptation of my book about having the balls to make an appearance at my ten-year high school reunion. Read the piece.

In honor of transgender awareness month, NOW THIS NEWS brought me in for my first live podcast. After a few fireball shots with Sally I was ready to go! Over 3000 people from all over the world tuned in and since the November 3rd broadcast there have been over 177K views. Many of the comments serve as a reminder that there is still so much ignorance and hate out there but they were outweighed by all the loves and likes and people sticking up for me and anyone who is transgender.

Refinery29 featured my piece on transitioning in the workplace. The photo of me was taken inside my actual closet (Yes, I am Type A plus!) Check it out.

New York Post reporter Barbara Hoffman featured our interview on my strategy for transitioning at work and the valuable lessons about being authentic than anyone can apply to their own life and career. Check it out online and in print.

The Improper Bostonian covered the BALLS book launch on October 6th. Book signing at Barnes & Noble and the after party at Storyville. Check it out in print or online.

The Albuquerque Free Press posted a review of BALLS and it was a pretty darn good one!

The Improper Bostonian gave BALLS a killer review in it’s October 5 – 18 issue. Thanks Mopsy! posted an excerpt from BALLS on their homepage! It’s a good one about surgery. Brace yourself!

Check out my Q&A about BALLS with Shelf Awareness. They ask some really good questions and I give some really honest answers.

I shared a few lessons I learned from transitioning in the workplace with Check out the piece and it’s accompanying non-work related photos!

Marie Claire UK featured my story in their November print issue – between pieces on Rachel Evan Wood and Barbra Streisand. Not bad! They also list it as one of the top 6 reasons to pick up the issue!

Nice piece about BALLS launch and my success story in Boston Spirit Magazine. Check it out!

Media Village’s coverage of Advertising Week NYC starts with diversity and inclusion and a great review of my opening keynote for MEC Global.

Check out AdAge’s 2-minute interview with me about why I was more successful in my career as a man.

The Hartford Courant made the Tribune piece about authenticity in the workplace the cover story of their AT WORK section.

The Chicago Tribune featured me in a great piece about authenticity in the workplace.  Digital    Print

My first official review of BALLS courtesy of Shelf Awareness. I couldn’t have written a better one myself!

Yours truly was quoted in this great piece by ADWEEK on the trend of transgender stories being featured in advertising.

I was honored to kick off Harvard’s Diversity Dialogue series, with a presentation on transgender in the workplace and even more honored to receive a standing ovation from over 200 faculty and staff members. The Harvard Gazette was there to cover the event.

Yours truly was quoted in this Fortune piece about being young and transgender in the workplace.

This Ad Age article covered The 3% Conference and featured my keynote.

ADWEEK gave me a shout out in their print edition, quoting my 3% Conference speech in their summary of the week.

Got up close and personal in this podcast with Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm. We talked about rebranding, learning the ins and outs of guydom, dating, weight gain, body hair, surgery, fist fights and lots of other stuff. Have a listen.

My latest piece about why marketers should follow the growing discussion around gender identity.  Check it out here.

On Feb 12th, Chronicle aired an entire show on the transgender topic, focusing mainly on youth. Despite that, they still included me : ) To view my segment, click here.

I was quoted in this HBR piece about managing your professional identity during a gender change and then in a follow-up piece about what to do when your colleague comes out as transgender.

Check out my interview with Kat Gordon, founder of The 3% Conference. I talk with her about the power of change and life as a creative in two genders.

When is the right time to talk to kids about what it means to be transgender? Read this Boston Globe Magazine piece about what happened when I told my 9 and 11 year-old nieces and judge for yourself. PDF version. Online version.

BUST magazine was curious so I gave them straight answers to some of the most popular questions. Check it out.

As part of their body image series, Yoga Journal asked for my thoughts on Barneys ad campaign that featured transgender people as models. Read full interview here.