BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some


For Chris Edwards, the decision to transition from female to male was black and white. The question was, did he have the balls to do it? Did he have the balls to come out at a company board meeting made up of white, middle-aged executives? To endure 28 painful and extensive surgeries? Show up at his 10-year high school reunion? Date a member of the Nashville Bikini Team? The answer is yes, yes he did—and with great success. Well, except for the bikini model part . . .

At a time when the term “transgender” didn’t really exist, and with support from family, friends, and a great therapist, Chris summoned up the courage to become the man he always knew he was meant to be. He used what he learned working in advertising along with his ever-present sense of humor to rebrand himself and orchestrate what was quite possibly the most widely accepted and embraced gender transition of its kind. He’s a pioneer who changed the perception of an entire community, and his memoir, BALLS, will touch readers’ hearts and open minds.

Edwards is funny, brazen, and endearing, and BALLS is the hilarious and moving story about family, friends, and the courage to be your true self. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin, for whatever reason, you will be inspired and empowered by his book.